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The Secret Manifestation Cards

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After 17 years of sharing The Secret story through her books, Rhonda Byrne is excited to share her newest release, The Secret Manifestation Cards. The deck contains sixty-five powerful teachings on Manifestation that have been simplified, condensed, and made accessible for all—for those who already know and love The Secret, and for those who have yet to discover it.

The Secret Manifestation Cards are a beautiful display of artistry and provide the power of quick, daily reminders to continually inspire your manifestation practice.

Key Product Features:

  • Sixty-five life-changing teachings: Each of the sixty-five cards in the deck feature life-changing teachings and simplified concepts on manifestation from Rhonda Byrne and The Secret.
  • Easy to use: The cards can be used as a daily tool in your manifestation practice, to establish your journal prompt, or shared in a group setting with friends or family to unlock each card’s wisdom.
  • Inspired messages: Whether pulling one card for the day or several for the week or month ahead, by the Law of Attraction you will always be drawn to the card with the exact message or teachings you need most at that time.
  • Beautiful display of artistry: Each of The Secret Manifestation Cards highlights the embossed Secret insignia, along with reflective gold accents and a gorgeous gold trim.
  • A meaningful gift: This inspiring card deck makes a meaningful gift for anyone seeking a path of personal growth and self-reflection—or for those new to manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

How to use The Secret Manifestation Cards

The beauty of The Secret Manifestation Cards is there is no right or wrong way to use them.

The Secret Manifestation Cards can be used as a daily tool. Pull one card each day for sixty-five days and use that card to establish your journal prompt. Or spread the cards and choose at random to see which one chooses you. The message you most need will often appear.

The Secret Manifestation Cards can also be used in a group setting. Use them around the family dinner table, sharing with friends at a party, or working with a group to fully unlock the potential of each card’s wisdom.

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