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Gifts to Nurture your heart & spirit, during the trials & triumphs of life.

Delivering comforting hugs when others can’t.

Here, your heart finds a home, your spirit is uplifted, and your path to self-discovery becomes a beautiful and sacred adventure.

Bathing Rituals Sets

Indulge in our range of Crystal Infused Bath & Body Products

Meditation Spinning Necklaces

Evoke peace and serenity with our hand-crafted spinning necklaces.

Meet Ashley

Ashley, the heart and soul of Nurture My Life, is a beacon of resilience and transformation. From being a busy mum and running a successful construction business, her life took a turn that led her to reassess her life and purpose.

Now living authentically on her own terms, Ashley is dedicated to inspiring others to step into their light, embracing self-love and shedding fears.

Nurture My Life is her tribute to her mother, Robyn, and to all the strong women who guide us, even when they are no longer physically with us.

In Nurture My Life, I bring forth my vulnerabilities, learnings, and journey of self-discovery. I invite you to join me on this path of self-love and spiritual growth, where we learn to embrace imperfections and cultivate compassion, where we aren’t merely existing but truly living.

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