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Life has a way of redirecting us, often through unexpected and profound events. In 2022, our founder, Ashley, experienced a life-altering event when she lost her mother. During this time of profound grief and transformation, an idea started to take root, growing from a personal journey into a purpose-driven mission. Ashley chose to channel her grief into a positive, nurturing force, leading to the creation of Nurture My Life.

Nurture My Life is more than a brand; it’s a beacon of hope and a space of belonging. Our mission is to cultivate well-being, spiritual growth, healing, and mental health support for women and youths. We envision a world where everyone feels nurtured, heard, and accepted, finding their unique path of self-discovery and self-love.

Our brand values are deeply embedded in our roots, reflecting every decision we make. We believe in authenticity, compassion, and embracing the imperfect. We value vulnerability as a strength, encouraging you to release fear and step into your true self. We also prioritise ethical sourcing and quality in our curated products, ensuring they are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

At Nurture My Life, we understand that personal experiences shape us. We’ve been there too. Our empathy and insights are deeply personal, born from our own journey. That’s why every product we curate is done so with intention, echoing our mission to help you navigate life’s challenges and celebrations.

Ashley, the heart and soul of Nurture My Life, is a beacon of resilience and transformation. From being a busy mum and running a successful construction business, her life took a turn that led her to reassess her life and purpose. Now living authentically on her own terms, Ashley is dedicated to inspiring others to step into their light, embracing self-love and shedding fears. Nurture My Life is her tribute to her mother, Robyn, and to all the strong women who guide us, even when they are no longer physically with us.

Join us on this journey of transformation, acceptance, and growth. Explore our collection of thoughtfully curated products and dive into our discussions around mental health, self-love, spirituality, grief, and more. Remember, you are not alone.