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Meet Ashley


I’m Ashley, the founder of Nurture My Life, a once-bustling construction business owner, a mother, and an overworked, chaotic household manager. My life was filled with ceaseless demands and responsibilities, and I wore the BUSY badge with misplaced honour. I spent most of my days running on the hamster wheel of life, constantly giving, never taking time to nurture my own spirit.

Everything had to be just right in my world – I was a self-proclaimed control freak, thinking that no one could match my standards. My life was a constant race against time, a battle for perfection, and a journey to meet others’ expectations. Until one day, everything came to a standstill.

In March 2022, my life was knocked off its axis when my Mum fell critically ill. Everything else blurred into insignificance; all that mattered was being there for her, loving and supporting her in her toughest battle. Four precious months later, we lost her, but she left this world on her terms, at peace. The profound conversations and unconditional love we shared during those final days are my cherished memories, my solace.

A curious realisation dawned on me during this tumultuous period: my world didn’t come crashing down. My family stood strong, my business persevered, and life moved on, albeit with a gaping void. It was an awakening that forced me to reevaluate my life, purpose, and essence.

Losing my Mum abruptly was a shattering blow, but I discovered a path towards my authentic self. I found a sanctuary in spiritual practices, gratitude, personal growth, and heightened awareness. For the first time, I stepped off the hamster wheel and started living life on my terms – not dictated by fear of failure, expectation, or seeking others’ approval.

I now live a life honouring my higher self, filled with unconditional love, authenticity, and compassion. It’s a journey I dedicate to my Mum, Robyn Crossland, who blazed the trail for me years ago. Even though she’s no longer here, I feel her guiding light leading me towards my true potential. Her unconditional love and wisdom remain my enduring strength, and I am grateful she saw something special in me before I discovered it myself.

In Nurture My Life, I bring forth my vulnerabilities, learnings, and journey of self-discovery. I invite you to join me on this path of self-love and spiritual growth, where we learn to embrace imperfections and cultivate compassion, where we aren’t merely existing but truly living.