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Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within

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"Rise Sister Rise" by Rebecca Campbell, is a call to arms for women to rise up, tell their truth and lead. It is about healing the insecurities, the fears, and the inherited patterns that stop people from trusting the Shakti (power) and wisdom (intuition) that effortlessly flows through them.
It's about recognizing all of the ways we have been keeping ourselves contained and restrained in effort to dim to fit into a certain archetype. It's about co-creating a whole new archetype - someone who does not keep themself small in order to make others feel more comfortable.
Full of activations, spiritual tools, calls to action, contemplative questions, rituals, and confrontational exercises, this inspirational book teaches that it is safe to let Shakti rise, safe to trust your intuition, and safe to take leaps of faith. Rise Sister Rise will inspire you to listen to your intuition and act on it, to gather the courage to be seen and heard, to know your worth, and to heal the world around you by first healing yourself.

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