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Cleansing Kit - Selenite for Serene Living

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Embrace serenity with our Cleansing Kit featuring Selenite, a crystal renowned for its purifying and calming properties. This kit combines the ancient art of cleansing with the ethereal energy of Selenite, creating a tranquil haven within your home.

As the cleansing smoke purifies your surroundings, Selenite enhances the purification process, promoting mental clarity and a sense of peace. The gentle luminosity of Selenite crystals illuminates the ambiance, transforming your space into a sanctuary of tranquility, making it ideal for meditation or simply creating a serene atmosphere for daily living.

How To Use Your Kit:

  • The sage should be lit and smoked around person and place to rid bad energy and juju.
  • The Palo Santo (holy wood) will bring in your intention and good mojo. Hold your wand and allow yourself to have a physical reminder of the positive changes you're working on in life.
  • Your ethically sourced Selenite crystal is not only gorgeous but it also believed by many to contain a pure and powerful energy that's able to cleanse, change energy and provide spiritual qualities.
  • Lighting the candle at the end symbolises closure, illuminating the persistence of positive energy invoked during the ritual and serving as a beacon of light for the intentions set.

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