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Cleansing Kit - Rose Quartz for a Heart Centered Home

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Our Cleansing Kit with Rose Quartz offers a harmonious blend of spiritual practices and positive energy for your home. This thoughtfully curated kit combines the purifying qualities of cleansing with the gentle, loving vibes of rose quartz.

As you cleanse your space with the sacred smoke of Sage or Palo Santo, the Rose Quartz, known for its association with love and compassion, enhances the atmosphere, fostering a sense of warmth and connection. The ritual becomes a mindful act, inviting love and positivity into your home, creating a serene sanctuary for both mind and spirit.

How To Use Your Kit:

  • The sage should be lit and smoked around person and place to rid bad energy and juju.
  • The Palo Santo (holy wood) will bring in your intention and good mojo. Hold your wand and allow yourself to have a physical reminder of the positive changes you're working on in life.
  • Your ethically sourced Rose Quartz crystal is not only gorgeous but it also believed by many to contain a pure and powerful energy that's able to cleanse, change energy and provide spiritual qualities.
  • Lighting the candle at the end symbolises closure, illuminating the persistence of positive energy invoked during the ritual and serving as a beacon of light for the intentions set.

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